Shannon tells us about her experience with NYA Next

July 13th, 2018

Hello, my name is Shannon Green I am from Paulatuk Northwest Territories and I did the Canadian program in 2016. I am loving it at Algonquin College, being here and experiencing this life changing opportunity is a great challenge for me, but I believe I can handle this. It makes me feel grateful and thankful towards everyone that has worked so hard and is working so hard to get us here and inspires us to go further then this. I think it is within us to want more for ourselves in this life.

am so thankful to myself because I too have worked very hard to get here and to push myself for wanting this challenge. I am so happy to be here with everyone- I have another NYA family 🙂 I love how we can all be ourselves and how caring everyone is. Some may be quiet but we can only inspire them to be comfortable enough to get out of their comfort zones. I’d like to thank everybody for this amazing opportunity. Quyunaini.

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