Tegan tells us about his summer in Collingwood

November 2nd, 2017

My name is Tegan Nitsiza and I am from the Northwest Territories and my work placement was at the YMCA in it was in Collingwood Ontario. The town was pretty big, bigger than any town/city in the north. There was about 22 thousand people living in Collingwood itself. The weather there was usually hot and at night it was usually chilly out.  The name of my host parents were Sandra Dodgson and Bruce Dodgson and the have 2 sons but they moved out and they have their own family, they had no pets. At my work placement I had to watch the kids and I had to do activities such as basketball, floor hockey, soccer, art and much more.My placement buddy is John Noksana and he is from Tuktoyaktuk NWT. We got along great.

I had the chance to use a stand up board and I had an amazing time at my placement.  and I tried DQ and Wendy’s for the first time. Me and John had the opportunity to check out the Elvis festival in Collingwood and it was there for the whole weekend so we went there through out that weekend. I had a great time during this program and I hope to encourage youth from my community to sign up for this amazing program.

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