Marcus shares admiration and gratitude for his host family

July 20th, 2015
Paul and Marcus

Paul and Marcus at Orientation

Paul Aaluk and I were placed in Windsor, Ontario. My experience has been awesome being a participant with the Northern Youth Abroad Canadian program. I am enjoying my work placement at Canada South Science City. Paul and I have been helping out with the day camp and doing some maintenance work. With the day camp we do many fun activities such as swimming, playing games, and watching movies.

My host parents are Darren and Elsa. They have two kids of their own that live at home. They have also  been host parents to a lot of kids, having hosted seven groups from the NYA program. They are always very open to helping out kids that need a place to stay for a short period of time. Their home is very welcoming. They really care about their kids’ well-being and safety. You can tell that they enjoy hosting and providing a home participants will enjoy. side from our work placement, we have been helping do some work around our property and the neighbour’s property. We have also taken a few tours around the city and some nearby colleges. We have visited many stores and have done many fun activities. It has been an amazing new experience for Paul and I. Although we have had a few tough times, our host family has been really supportive, helping us succeed through the program. I am very thankful for their time.

Paul 574

Marus and Paul taking a tour or St. Claire College

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