Kyla reports on her time in London

August 4th, 2015
Kyla and alisha

Kyla and Alisha horseback riding

I started off my first work day by taking the first bus I’ve ever took alone in my life. I had to take 2 busses in order to get to my work placement, it was definitely a learning experience. I have now been taking the bus every day to work for 3 weeks. I quickly learned my route home, to work, and surrounding areas by heart. Travelling around the city by myself was very intimidating at first, but after time it got easier, and now I can do it no problem.

In our summer home, lives brothers, Matthew and Micah, their mom Deb, and foster daughters Erin, and Karibia. Over the summer we have also had 2 French students from France stay with us – Marjorie, and Nathan. We became great friends with them throughout the summer doing a lot of fun activities with them. We even joined other NYA participants, Angela and Sandra, for campfires, and swims in the backyard pool. Their host family also lived in London.

Kyla, alisha, host family, at wonderland

Kyla, Alisha and Host Family at Canada’s Wonderland

Over the summer, Deb did everything she could to fulfil our new city desires. She brought us to the African Lion Safari, waterfalls, several beaches, horseback riding, watching plays, trips to Toronto and Stratford, and Canada’s Wonderland, where we got to go sky flying in bungee cords, and on the slingshot ride. The slingshot threw us into the air, forcing us into flips. It was an exhilarating experience. Nights when we didn’t do these activities we would do things like watching movies at theatres close to the house and going out for coffee at nearby coffee shops. Deb was the best host mom ever! She did everything she could to make us feel at home and have as much fun as possible. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to host me for this program.

After enough 5am wake ups for an hour bus ride to work and arrival time of 730, I switched to a different job, that only required one bus ride to work, at the Bright Beginnings Day Care! The staff are very sweet, and the children are even sweeter!  I am going to miss the kids terribly! My job included playing with the kids, helping with supervision, and helping prepare some

I am extremely proud to be an NYA participant! I am the only participant from Inuvik to apply for the Canadian program, and I will definitely recommend this program to anyone who is interested! I have worked many hours to gain these high school credits, and learnt a lot in the south. The NYA staff are the nicest people you’ll ever meet, they made me feel very welcome to this program, and made my homesickness pass quickly. NYA is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. It had its ups and downs, but I couldn’t have asked for a better summer.

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