Allie tells us about his host family and all the new things he is learning

July 16th, 2015
Devin and Allie

Allie, right, with placement buddy Devin

Well my experience thus far is great. The people I’ve met are nice and so is my placement buddy Devon. He’s more talkative than I am – we get along great! My host family is great. Melissa is a nice woman who I have learned a lot from. She is a strong woman who works and she still manages to raise her two wonderful kids. I have learnt a lot from her, especially time management and how to being busy can be rewarding. Corey is also a great person, he works a lot too. I’ve learnt a lot about fishing and renovating a house from him. I love my host family, I’m learning so much from them everyday.

I’ve learnt a lot about the south as well. The weather is very hot here, things are much less expensive, and the people are hard-working. I’ve also noticed some cultural differences, such as, they don’t eat on the floor like we do back home and they don’t usually go to church. I’ve enjoyed experiencing the different culture. Some activities we’ve done so far are go to a baseball game, bake, and learn new things. What I did for the first time is water and feed chickens. My time in the south is great! I am having a blast and I am loving it!

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