Allison shares her experience in Powell River, BC

July 29th, 2015

Allison with backpack 2My placement is in Powell River, Bristish Columbia. There are beautiful landscapes and beautiful sunsets! It’s a nice little spot – we have a shopping mall, a movie theatre (happens to be the oldest theatre in BC) and a recreational centre. Home to the Tla’Amin people!

My work placement is at BOND (Babies Open New Doors) where I do various tasks, from organizing donated clothes to being at the CRC (Community Resource Centre) garden! I also have another work place, Family Place, in the mall. I mainly tend to the dishes and take out the compost, sometimes help with crafts, snacks, lunch on Wednesdays, and anything else!

I came here mainly to gain independence and leadership skills. I feel that I will accomplish my goals by the time we’re done with re-orientation.

My host mother is a single parent and her oldest daughter is 13 years old and has another daughter who is 9 years old, who spends every other week here. This family has never had NYA participants living here before, this is their first year! Me and my host buddy, Shannel share a room together.

Recently, we went to an event, ‘Tribal Journeys’, it was a great experience! I had the chance to experience their dancing and singing of the Tla’Amin and other cultures, I enjoyed it. There was also this Sea Fair that we got the chance to go to. It had rides, games and FOOD! It was pretty amazing.

Me and Shannel were on the radio here with one of our host mother’s friend’s radio shows! It was scary! But it’s nice to get our voice heard out here. People get a sense about where we’re from and who we are. We also went to a Pride day event! I found it interesting!

I have done things here that I wouldn’t have been able to do in the north, for instance, taking the bus. That was abnormal for me. I seriously could not remember when to request my stop on the bus!

I’m also not really open to trying new food, but this one night after the movies, we went to this Indian place across the street and I have to admit, I really liked it even though I had never tried it before.

My Northern Youth Abroad journey has been very interesting!

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