Alvin shares his adventures from Squamish, BC

August 13th, 2018

Hi my name is Alvin, and I am from Gjoa Haven.

My first week in Squamish I climbed up the Chief of Squamish and went down to Whistler at the kids water park where there are a lot of activities to do. Today, we are doing Olympic Games which should be fun.

I’m having a good time here in British Columbia. The mountains are beautiful and the people are very nice. We  do all kinds of activities everyday, like water balloon fights!  I also got to meet a few of the Olympians from 2014-2018 which is pretty amazing. It has been like a dream since the day I came to Squamish. Today we are watching an old movie from the 1900’s, and this weekend I will try to do some exploring. I have already swam in the ocean which has been amazing. I also met the mayor of Squamish and did a  few other things with my host brother Justin . He took me out the camp site with James and we played a few board games with his friends, and now my host dad is taking me out for a late lunch. I’m going to miss Ken’s jokes. He is such a funny host dad! I will miss this beautiful place and my kind host family !


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