Beth’s recounts the first few weeks of her International program experience

August 20th, 2015

BethHi peeps, my blog is just a tad late, so I guess it better be great. First of all, camp was hilarious. As he promised me last year, Shane returned as our facilitator, despite his extremely busy schedule. Our travel day, which actually felt decades long, I unfortunately couldn’t sleep on any of the gazillion flights we took that night. We flew all night and quite a few of us did not sleep at all.

Anyways, our sleepy, grumpy meet and greets didn’t go too bad at all, only there were three of our group missing, thanks fog. We did a few sessions with Shane, ate great food, and looked at the Canadian Phase participants in “mock” pity. At our First Aid session, with Eric, we went over all the necessary topics, as well as any allergies anyone in the group may have. As it may be, one of us in the group is allergic to fish and seafood, and so carries a couple epi-pens. So when Eric asked what we should do if so-and-so has an allergic reaction, there are a few ‘stay calm’s and ‘call EMS’, but the loudest was, “STAB HIM WITH THE EPI-PEN”. Anyways, we ended up taking a ten minute break, because I couldn’t stop laughing – the first of many great laughs.

Then for our mini-group skits for the Canadian Phase guys, one of the other groups did a skit on getting lost while taking public transportation, they basically got on the wrong bus and finally got back hours later. Anyhow, me and Liveena – I split hot chocolate on her crystal white sweater during jeopardy night, we’ve been roommates ever since – as soon as we got our bus passes we decided we wanted to go get our nails done. Surprise! We got on the wrong bus and spent like an hour trying to get back in time for our first group meeting at Algonquin. This was all within the first week of our trip. At Algonquin we took Spanish lessons with Jackie, built dog houses with Craig, and learnt a lot about the college with Jon. And with such an inadequate word limit, there is no way I could ever express my gratitude towards the NYA staff, the volunteers, my mentor, and my amazing parents. There is so much more to tell, so many stories, and I’m already pushing my word limit, but thank you for reading my first and very late NYA blog.

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