Devin shares his experiences from Salt Spring Island

July 28th, 2015

DevinIt is me Devin and I have interesting news for this post. I am happy to say I am enjoying my time here on Salt Spring Island. I have amazing co-workers and work with the most amazing children at the kid’s camp. I have been helping my host parent Corey to tear down a wall and do some home renovations. I have also been helping him with line-ups and coaching the slow pitch team. Alexander and I have been keeping busy with our work, and when not working, we have been helping out as much as we can. I have met amazing people here. To my surprise I have met other Inuit here, as well as two people who have been a principal and a teacher in my home community. I am meeting people who have been and stayed in remote communities in the north for their jobs.

I have also been getting to spend time with Rosalind, Fraser and their family. Chelsea (another NYA participant) came for one night to Salt Spring, and so Rosalind asked if I wanted to have supper at their home. They have welcomed me into their home, fed me and conversed with me about the elders, and reminisced about the past.

And that is me, Mr. Bruce with my report on Salt Spring.

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