Justina’s ‘Next’ level journey

July 29th, 2016

Hello, my name is Justina Moosenose and I am from Gameti, Northwest Territories. I did the Canadian program in 2015 where I was placed in Kingston, Ontario. I was selected as a participant for the NYA Next Program and so far it has been amazing, we did many numerous things such as visiting a local community in Ottawa named Britannia Woods, they provide programs and services to benefit multicultural families to help improve things for their futures. We met new Canadians through an organization called OCISO, this organization welcomes them to a new culture and helps them adjust to life in Canada. On July 15 – 18, 2016 we went to Fitzroy Provincial Park.It was a delightful trip despite the rain we had on the first day, however I would go on this trip again in a heartbeat.

Justina bites into a marshmallow frozen with liquid nitrogen during the Let's Talk Science presentation.

Justina bites into a marshmallow frozen with liquid nitrogen during the Let’s Talk Science presentation.

Presentations from Let’s Talk Science were really great because they presented many numerous things to us such as making different fires into colors from sulfur, iron etc. We recently went to the Supreme Court of Canada with the Dare to Dream program which was really nice. They offer aboriginal people the experience to learn about law, equality, the justice system and understand their rights. We also participated in a Firefighting/Police work shop and it went really well, from pretending you are crawling in a building that is on fire and you have no visibility while looking for victims that have been trapped, knowing how to tie proper knots that are most common and letting us have the chance to use the fire hose to reenact a situation in a fire (shout out to Will and Rob). In the police work shop we learned about personal safety and the safety of others. They let us know that GUNS ARE NOT SEXY! We learned what police officers do on a daily basis and that they are human and it is not easy to make the quick decisions that they have to make in difficult situations. I really hope only good things come across for our officers and nothing but greater things from here on out.

By me saying all of this, I really hope those who are interested in this specific program know it is not going to be an easy ride to success and you will have to overcome obstacles in your way just like I did during the Canadian program. Nothing is ever easy, but this program has helped me open my eyes to move forward with my life and let me acknowledge the fact that I do have options in life that will lead me onto a great journey. I wish that upon everybody else to wants or is interested in participating for Northern Youth Abroad. Also, shout out to my dad  (Justin Gon) and stepmom (Terry Gon) for always helping me pursue in what I believe in. Cheers!



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