Kerrianna’s enlightening time in Southern Ontario

August 5th, 2016

Hi, I’m Kerrianna Lafferty, and I was placed in Hamilton Ontario for the summer. I started work about the fourth day I was there, taking the bus every morning for the past three weeks now. I’ve never had to take the public transit before -so that was very different. Being in the city was sort of what I expected, nothing was really out of the ordinary for me. But -I’ve never lived in the city before so that was an eye opener. My work placement was volunteering to help at the summer camp at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, I had to wake up early, usually around the same time you would for school.

Kerrianna enjoying herself at Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto.

Kerrianna enjoying herself at Ripley’s Aquarium in Toronto.

I had to catch the bus to be at work by 8:30. The job included helping with supervision, playing with the kids, and helping prepare some activities and even cleaning up after. It was fun. I learned a lot about the art works that sat on the walls, and the sculptures that covered the place. On my fourth week working I had to change my work placement. So I had to memorize a new route on the opposite side of the city. But I quickly learned my way there and back, most of the streets I already memorized. My second work placement was at a recreational centre. It was abruptly different. I really had to accommodate myself to this place. But I’m slowly getting there. I know there’s always gonna be ups and downs. The whole ordeal of being homesick, and adapting to a new environment, but it’s the way you handle it. That changes your view. During the past few weeks we did all sorts of things. Traveling to Toronto and Stratford, to Lakefield and to many of the towns we passed through. It was a great experience to see the top of the CN tower, looking at jellyfishes and sharks at the Ripley aquarium, peddling row boats and feeding ducks and birds that aren’t afraid to come close to you at all.

Kerrianna uses a paddle boat to glide on the Avon River in Stratford.

Kerrianna uses a paddle boat to glide on the Avon River in Stratford.

We also did things when we didn’t go out of the city. watching Netflix, and playing boardgames at the house. Going to the shopping malls and movie theatres, going bike riding, eating out and exploring the city. The whole experience really give me a fresh outlook of a city life and knowledge that I definitely wouldn’t had got from my community. I really feel like I have personally changed. Maybe not drastically, more of a subtle distinction. But it definitely directed me to the direction I’ve been trying find. So I’m glad that I did this. That I applied to NYA, so this is a Thank you. To everyone really, the whole NYA staff, my host parents Sara and Roy, my mentor Karen. For making this. Almost. Life changing. In a way. I’m really grateful for being a participant.

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