Kulula shares his experiences from BC

August 2nd, 2018

This is not what I expected, but to be fair I did not know what I was expecting. The first week at camp was rough because it was so hot. You get used to the weather. You don’t think you would, but you do. After one week in Ottawa you travel to your host family, and they’re from all across Canada. I am in Bowen Island, British Columbia, in Western Canada. It is very nice here. Everything is so different from back home. For one , there are a lot of trees.

It is so beautiful here, and the people are so nice. Speaking of nice people, my host family is so nice and welcoming. They’re always telling jokes and making puns. They welcomed us to their home which I am very thankful for. I haven’t started my new work placement yet but I am excited. I wasn’t at first but I’m trying to keep an open mind about it. We get to do so much we don’t have access to back home. Almost everything is different. This is a great opportunity for Inuit youth. I don’t get homesick, but if you do get homesick there are a lot of coping strategies. Keep in mind that home will always be home, and it’s not going anywhere. You could do so much here that you can’t do at home. If you like to shop, there are a lot of places to shop. If you wanted to try something you always wanted to but don’t have access to it at home, you could probably do it here.

I encourage everyone to apply for this program. I love it.


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