Lilly talks about her time in Saint John

August 4th, 2015

Lilly working at the bakery

My name is Lilly and I’m from Cape Dorset. I was placed in Saint John, New Brunswick with my buddy Saveah from Kugluktuk. I volunteer at a bakery called Piece O’ Cake Custom Creations. At work I learn how to bake cakes and cupcakes, how to keep things organized and how to do icings and designs.

I work with my AWESOME co-workers Jo-Lynn and Meg, and of course my supervisor Sherry. Sherry is a very nice person and she’s fun to be around. My host parents are Cheryl and Steve McDaid. Cheryl (my host mom) makes me laugh every day, which is a good thing because I love laughing. My host dad Steve is funny and always joking around. They are both very nice and welcoming. They also make sure that we are always safe and having a good time.

They have two kids, James is 15 and Katie is 11. They also have 2 cats and one dog, the kitten’s name is Peanut, the cat’s name is Pepper and the dog’s name is Jess.

I’ve been enjoying my experience so far. I’ve gone to the beach, shopping, jogging and toured around the city. Saint John is a beautiful place and I’m happy that I’ve been placed here 🙂

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