Rahabi recounts the first half of her NYA Next placement

July 20th, 2016

Rahabi poses at Algonquin College where she is spending the summer taking a course in construction trades, among other things, through NYA Next.

Hello. My name is Rahabi Angoyuaq, From Baker Lake, Nunavut – I did my Canadian Phase in 2011 and I was placed in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The first week was great, staying at the orientation camp, getting together with all the NYA Participant and stuff. Nice to meet all of the NYA 2016 participants, yay!

After Orientation,  I was happy to do a lot more other things. First week of Algonquin college we started our carpentry class. I got to make homemade picture frame and learn how to use lots of different tools. We explored around the college and the city.  I enjoy being a part of NYA Next, learning a lot and trying new things. When I got here I got to do some shopping and we did class called  “Let’s Talk Science”.

We went camping, and the first day it was really raining and we tried to put our tent up in the rain. We went swimming at the beach & played card games, and the last night of camping, the rain came again and made the tent fall half down in the morning around 1:30 ish am haha

I love my summer so far. Thanks to Bec and her mom for inviting us for supper. I love it. I applied last minute,  and now here I am in Ottawa, to see where my future goes and try to go back to high school back home and look for good jobs in Nunavut. And when I go back home, I can try to become a leader and more.

I can’t wait to see Toronto and the baseball game, Blue Jays, and can’t wait to volunteer at a work place here in Ottawa. I love my roommate, she loves to laugh and is outgoing. Thanks to NYA, I’m loving it here .

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