Trinity tells us about her first week in Dartmouth, NS

July 17th, 2017

My name is Trinity Cayen.

I’m in Nova Scotia with my placement buddy, Diana. We are staying with Letitia and John Elliot. They also have another girl staying here, Penelope, from France. She will be here for 3 weeks.

The second day here, we went to New Brunswick to pick up their daughter, Kayla, at a camp. The drive was 5 hours there and back. Once we arrived to the destination we had to go on a boat in order to get on the island Kayla’s camp was on. On the way, back we decided to go to the zoo.

We saw lions, monkeys, lamas, etc. There was a section of the museum that showed extinct animals. They were in statues with writing by them.  We saw an elephant bird (it was huge), dodo birds, and more. I read a note that said humans are the main reason for the animals’ extinction. Afterwards we got ice cream and drove back.

A picture from Peggy’s Cove

We went to Peggy’s cove. There was lots of rocks and big waves. We saw the light house but couldn’t go in. We also saw a nice dog there, it was white and fluffy.

Yesterday I went bowling with Letitia, Kayla and Penelope. The bowling equipment is different than home. You have to push a button to restart the pins. And you had to do the adding up yourself. It was different.

The weather here isn’t really, really hot like I had imagined. But it’s a bit breezy and nice here.

While I was here I wanted to try something. I put gummy bears in a popsicle tray, then put sprite in and put it in the freezer. It was good when I first tried it but after a while you get tired of it. It was a great experiment though.

I can’t wait to be done this program and feel so accomplished. I feel a little home sick but
I’ll be home before I know it!

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