Xavier in Costa Rica

July 18th, 2019

On Tuesday July 9th we travelled all day from Santa Ana to Cirenas. We travelled by bus, ferry and 4-wheel vehicle to remote location of Puntarenas. When we got here to Cirenas we meet a group of youth from Seattle, Washington and the Cirenas staff/volunteer.

At Cirenas we got to learn about sustainable living through hands on learning. The Grew family created Cirenas to transformative connections between people and the environment.

Cirenas is a very beautiful place because of the plants and the people. The plants are huge and very green, the palm tree is like 50 feet tall and they are a lot of fruits growing in the property. My favorite fruit so far is pineapple because it tastes a lot fresher than the ones back home. There is a very beautiful long beach that is not far from where we stayed.

We have been volunteering here in Cirenas. So far, we have learned about the perma-culture. We built a compost heap, fed the chicken, fed fish, watered greenhouse, watered trees, and planted rice. Every evening they do a turtle patrol where they go to beach and look for turtles that are laying eggs. We went to the turtle hatchery and planted ten trees. On our last day we went horseback riding, so that was a good ending of our week. After the two hours of hard work planting trees we went in the water because we were all sweaty. I got in the ocean and I decided to dive in to the wave and forgot to hold my glasses. When I went to the surface one thing was missing and it was my glasses. We spent time looking for them but didn’t find them. The dive was still worth it!

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