Alumni Services

Maintaining relationships with Alumni and keeping them engaged with NYA and the goals they set for themselves through the program is a top priority for NYA. There are a number of services and opportunities NYA offers to Alumni that promote this priority.

Advanced Leadership Development Program

NYA has recently launched a new initiative for Alumni that enables them to take part in a year long special program to develop their leadership capacity. Those interested can apply below. The deadline to apply is May 31, 2019.

Alumni Bursary

Each year NYA offers a number of $500 bursaries to deserving Alumni who are pursuing full-time post-secondary education. NYA awards bursaries in order to assist with the financial burden of attending a college or university program, and to reward Alumni’s ambition and commitment to education and personal success.

Post-Secondary Support

NYA is dedicated to ensuring a successful and sustainable transition to post-secondary education for our Alumni. We have garnered experience in navigating many different aspects of this transition and continue to make significant efforts to support Alumni in the pursuit of post-secondary education.

Discretionary Fund

The NYA discretionary fund is allocated to provide financial assistance to alumni in need. The fund was created to ensure that every Alumni has equal access to the tools and resources that will support their success.

Legacy Fund

Northern Youth Abroad celebrated 20 years of programming in 2017 and as part of celebrating this accomplishment, we launched a legacy fund and are working to find (at least) 1000 people who are willing to donate (at least) $20 to this new fund. The fund continues to support activities and initiatives that invest in the ability of our Participants and Alumni to achieve their goals. This includes the NYA bursary fund, our discretionary fund that allows us to provide help when and where it is most needed, and ensuring that every Participant (current and past) have access to the tools and resources that will support their success.